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Service Sector Performance and its contributions to the Europe 2020 strategy: Results and policy implications arising from the SERVICEGAP and INDICSER projects

This end-of-project dissemination workshop was held at CEPS, in Brussels on 29 and 30 January 2013.


 End of project consortium meeting

ZEW hosted a meeting of all project partners in Mannheim on 5 and 6 November 2012, where the ouputs of the research work were presented and discussed in preparation for wider dissemination.

Mid-term meeting, June 2011

SERVICEGAP's mid-term meeting was held in Dublin in June 2011.


Workshop on Financial Markets and Financial Stress: Impact on Services


This was a joint INDICSER-SERVICEGAP event, held at CEPS on March 8th 2011. 


Recent research suggests that much of the gap in EU-US productivity growth was due to developments in services sectors. The EC seventh framework programme has funded two projects INDICSER and SERVICEGAP, that focus on aspects of service sector performance. This workshop considered specifically financial markets and impacts of financial crises on performance at the sector level, with presentations from representative of the University of Birmingham, University of Groningen, and NIESR.

Project workshops

Project workshops were held on the following dates:

WP3:Market Environment, 3 November 2010 at NIESR, London.  Participants from Birmingham and NIESR

WP4:Financial Services, 15-16 November 2010 at IVIE, Valencia.  Participants from IVIE and Groningen

Meeting on WP5 (Health Services), Valencia, June 2010


An INDICSER meeting on  WP5 (Health Services) was held on 24-25 June, hosted by IVIE. In attendance were representatives from BHAM, NIESR, CEPS, Tarki as well as IVIE . Paul Schreyer from OECD, the author of an influential report on measuring the volume output of education and health services, also participated as a guest. The discussion covered both methodology and data sources and planning so that INDICSER can meet its deliverables deadlines.  


The discussion led to a number of conclusions. International data sources are unlikely to be very useful in constructing output measures for health services since they lacked the required information on activities and unit costs.  The participants agreed to concentrate largely on gathering data on activities, unit costs and in hospital mortality rates at a detailed level for a few countries, namely the UK, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK. This will be supplemented by data on gender and age and waiting times, which are potentially useful for explaining variations in output but should not appear directly in the index. Both national and international data will be gathered on inputs. The team will also undertake reviews of data availability on outcomes but concentrating on those for a few major diseases such as cancer and heart conditions.  


The meeting coincided with a public seminar  entitled "New Developments in Health Metrics" , held at the University of Valencia on 25 June 2010, at which participants from BHAM, NIESR and IVIE presented previous research.    A short summary of the seminar, and a copy of the programme, is available on the BBVA Foundation-Ivie Seminar webpage.

Meeting on WP2 (Innovations and Intangible Measures), Mannheim, June 2010.

ZEW and CEPS met to discuss Innovation and Intangible Measures (WP2).  This agreed that the first deliverable from WP2 will include a review of available indicators on intangibles, an in-depth review of core EU data sets for indicator construction at the sector level and a summary description of optional EU datasets and national datasets.


Kick-off meeting, June 2010


The project kick-off meeting was held at Birmingham Business School on 14 and 15 June 2010.  The meeting was a great success, with many productive discussions on the work to be done on the various workpackages.


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