The SERVICEGAP project ran from 2010 - 2013, and has now finished.  The majority of papers and reports from the project are now available via the menus on the left of this page.



In the past decade the performance of service industries has come to the forefront of research on Europe's comparative economic performance, especially as the benefits from the use of information and communications technology (ICT) have been concentrated in these industries. The SERVICEGAP project will consider the academic and policy concerns that arise from the increasing importance of the market service sector. It will consider developments in productivity and its drivers within market services, linkages between services and manufacturing industries, innovation in delivery and the increasing internationalisation of services. The overall objective of this research is to produce a comprehensive study on the impact of market services on aggregate economic growth in the EU and its comparative performance relative to competitor regions, especially the US.



Prof Mary O'Mahony talks to IVIE




Summaries of each of the Workpackges can be found via the links on the left. The full description of work can be downloaded from here:

  Full Description of work





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SERVICEGAP is a collaborative project between 13 institutions across Europe (listed left). For more information on these institutions, and the individuals involved in the project, please use the links to the left, or the list below.


The project is co-ordinated from Birmingham Business School, at the University of Birmingham (UK), by Professor Mary O'Mahony, and Judith Harris (project administrator).  Prof O'Mahony is also the project lead for Workpackage 2.  Workpackage 3 is being led by Dr Irene Bertschek (ZEW), and Dr Iulia Siedschlag (ESRI) will lead Workpackage 4.


Workpackage Leaders

Mary O'Mahony


   Professor of International Industrial Economics
   SERVICEGAP project co-ordinator for WP2: Productivity Drivers in Service Industries


Specialist areas
Research interests include international comparisons of productivity, the impact of information technology on growth and the demand for skilled labour, and links between market structure and growth. Publications include articles in Journal of Economic Perspectives, The Economic Journal, Research Policy, Labour Economics, Economica, Review of Income and Wealth, Fiscal Studies plus numerous books and chapters in books. Her specific research contribution to SERVICEGAP will be on trends in service sector performance and the impact of intangible investments on output and productivity.

Irene Bertschek


   Head of the ICT Research Group at ZEW

  SERVICEGAP project leader for WP3:Firm strategies in the knowledge based economy


Specialist areas
Her research interests include microeconometrics, the effect of ICT use on firm and labour productivity, on firm organisation and the age structure of workers. Publications are in Management Science, Journal of Industrial Economics and Empirical Economics. She organised several international conferences and interdisciplinary research projects. She will lead Theme 2 of the project and the work carried out by ZEW. Her specific research contribution will be on ICT use in services, outsourcing and off shoring of service functions.

Iulia Siedschlag

   Associate Research Professor and Head of the Centre for International Economics and Competitiveness.
   SERVICEGAP co-ordinator for WP4: Internationalisation of services and growth



Specialist areas
Her key areas of expertise include economic growth in open economies, international transmission of business cycles; international capital flows and financial development; multinational enterprise activity; modelling of trade integration and trade policy; new technology diffusion and innovation; applied econometrics. Her research has been published in leading international journals and books. She will lead the research on internationalisation of services (area 3 and work package 4) and will contribute to research on innovation in services and the effects of international investment in services on productivity, employment and growth.

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Ray Barrell (NIESR)

Senior Research Fellow

Specialist areas
He leads the National Institute's programme of macro-economic research. He has worked on a wide range of applied econometrics and policy design issues, including consumption, determinants of growth, labour markets, fiscal and monetary policy, the impact of European integration, accession and expansion, and on macro economic modelling. Publications include articles in Economic Journal, European Economic Review, Review of Economics and Statistics, Economics Letters, Bank of France Bulletin and German Economic Review. He will lead macro-economic analysis of the financial markets (WP 1)

Matthieu Crozet (CEPII)

  Professor in Economics at Reims University and Scientific Advisor at CEPII in charge of the International Trade Analysis research program.


Specialist areas

He received his Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Paris I, in 2000. His research mainly focuses on international trade and economic geography. He published several articles in academic journal such as Journal of International Economics, Review of International Economics, Journal of Comparative Economics, Regional Science and Urban Economics. His expertise in empirical research on the determinants of bilateral trade and specialisations, but also on trade analyses using individual firms export data, will be useful to analyse the specificities of trade in services.

Jože P. Damijan (IER)

Associate Professor at the University of Ljubljana, guest Professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, and Research Fellow at the Institute for Economic Research, Ljubljana.

Specialist areas

He is also affiliated to LICOS Centre for countries in transition at the KU Leuven, Belgium. His main topics of research are international economics and trade policy, economic geography, foreign direct investment, firm innovation, transfer of technology and factors enhancing firm productivity growth. His publications include papers in World Economy, Review of World Economics, World Development, Economic Systems, Economics of Transition, Eastern European Economics plus numerous books and chapter in books.

Georgios Efthyvoulou (BHAM)


Research Fellow


Specialist areas

He holds an MSc in Economics from UCL (University of London) and a PhD in Economics from Birkbeck (University of London).  His main research interests are in Applied Economics and Econometrics. Previous research work involved conducting applied econometric analysis using cross-country panel data to examine the political influences on economic policies and outcomes. He will contribute to WP1, WP2 and WP4.


Benjamin Engelstatter (ZEW)


Researcher at the ICT Research Group


Specialist areas

His main research interests include the effects of the usage of different information and communication technologies, in particular those of enterprise systems, on firm performance and innovation activities. He will contribute to WP3 Firm strategies in the knowledge-based economy.

Marco Ercolani (BHAM)


Lecturer in Economics


Specialist areas
His main research interests are in Applied econometrics, with experience in handling cross-section, panel and time-series data. Current research interests include sickness absence behaviour among EU workers and determinants of the probability that EU workers receive workplace training. His publications include articles in World Economy, Bulletin of Economic Research, The Economic Journal and Swedish Economic Policy Review. He will contribute to the research on intangibles, sector linkages and employment consequences of the financial crisis.

Martin Falk (WIFO)

Senior Economist in the research area "industrial economics, innovation and trade".

Specialist areas

He has been involved in or led several projects (both national and international) in following areas: empirics of growth, total factor productivity and R&D spillovers, firm growth, impact of outward foreign direct investment and international outsourcing. Journal publications include: Applied Economics, Labour Economics, Review of World Economics and Scandinavian Journal of Economics.

John Fitzgerald (ESRI)


Research Professor



Specialist areas
Over the last twenty years he has published extensively on macro-economic modelling and the Irish macro-economy, on the economics of cohesion, and on energy economics. He has used this basic research to examine the economic implications of many different policy issues for Ireland. He will contribute on macro-economic analysis of financial markets.

Holger Gorg (IfW)

Professor of International Economics at the Kiel Institute and the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Germany. He is also a Research Affiliate at CEPR and a Research Fellow at the Leverhulme Centre for Research on Globalisation and Economic Policy (GEP), Nottingham, UK.


Specialist areas

Research interests include questions relating to multinational companies, outsourcing of production, exporting, and productivity measurement at the firm level. Publications include articles in Review of Economics and Statistics, Economic Journal, European Economic Review, Journal of International Economics, World Bank Research Observer, World Bank Economic Review, plus two books on globalisation and productivity, and numerous chapters in books. His specific research contribution will be on trends in international outsourcing of services inputs and the impact of off shoring on firm level productivity.

Nikolaus Graf (IHS)


Specialist areas

His major academic fields of interest are Institutions and Regulations, Labour Market and Social Policies.

Daniel Gros (CEPS)

Director of the Centre for European Policy Studies, the leading think tank on European affairs.

Specialist areas

He has served on the staff of the IMF, as an advisor at the European Commission, and as visiting professor at the Catholic University of Leuven and the University of Frankfurt. He has advised the governments of Russia, Ukraine and other Central and Eastern European countries on trade and exchange rate matters and their relations with the EU. He is currently advisor to the European Parliament and member of the Conseil Economique de la Nation (2003-2005); 2001-2003 he was a member of the Conseil d'Analyse Economique (advisory bodies to French Prime Minister and Finance Minister). Since April 2005 he is President of San Paolo IMI Asset Management.
He has published widely in international academic and policy oriented journals. He authored numerous monographs and four books.

Stefanie Haller (ESRI)

Research Officer



Specialist areas
Her main fields of research are international trade and foreign direct investment and productivity analysis. She will contribute to the research on the effects of international trade and production in services on productivity, employment and growth.

Aoife Hanley (IfW)

Researcher at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy

Specialist areas

Her research interests are on firm level studies of outsourcing, innovation and international mergers, as well as firm level finance. Publications include papers in Canadian Journal of Economics, Research Policy, Small Business Economics, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, Review of World Economics, plus a chapter in a recent OECD Publication on off shoring and global value chains.

Judith Harris (BHAM)

Project Administrator

Elena Jarocinska (CASE)


Fellow and Researcher



Specialist areas

She holds a Ph.D. from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain. Her research interests are political economics, public economics and institutions.  She participated in a series of research projects on different facets of EU policy. She has published in Economics of Transition. She will contribute to WP2.

Ville Kaitila (ETLA)


Lic.Soc.Sc. (Econ) Researcher



Specialist areas

He has been working at ETLA since 1996 and is currently in the Business economics research programme. His main research interests are European integration, trade, productivity, and foreign direct investment. He was involved in the FP6 TAXBEN project (No. SCS8-CT-2004-502639), where he analysed the effects of, among other things, the tax and benefit systems on productivity and hours worked in the EU and other OECD countries. He has also analysed how productivity in different manufacturing and service sectors varies across European countries, and has analysed the interrelationship between marginal intra-industry trade and productivity growth in Europe. He will be involved in WP 4 on the internationalisation strategies of firms.

Crt Kostevc (IER)


Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana




Specialist areas

His research interests lie in the areas of international economics, economic geography, firm productivity, economic growth, etc. His publications include papers in Review of World Economics and World Economy.

Boris Majcen (IER)

Director of the Institute for Economic Research (IER), head of International Economics Department.

Specialist areas

He participated in or led a number of research projects on trade, structural analysis of manufacturing, restructuring of the Slovenian economy in the transition and EU accession processes, FDI, privatization, analytical tools and methods for the evaluation of costs and benefits of Slovenia's accession to the EU, economic effects of ageing and long term sustainability of public finances. His publications include papers in World Development, Eastern European Economics, Post Communist Economies, Economic Systems etc., plus numerous books and chapters in books.

Mika Maliranta (ETLA)

Head of Unit at ETLA

Specialist areas

In 2003, he obtained a PhD in economics at the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration. Since obtaining his M.Sc. (Econ.) in 1993 he has been researcher at ETLA and during certain periods also at Statistics Finland. He has written a number of articles and monographs on several productivity-related issues including, notably, the micro-level dynamics of productivity growth, and the productivity effects of labour's education and age. He has also made international comparisons of productivity and price levels with production survey data using the so-called ICOP approach developed in Groningen University. Recent research interests include ICT and globalisation, with emphasis on productivity. He will now be involved in WP4 on the internationalisation strategies of firms.

Daniel Mirza (CIREM)

Research Fellow at CIREM, and a Research Associate at the GEP of the University of Nottingham (United Kingdom) and at the CEPREMAP Association.  He also holds a Doctorate from the University of Paris I, and has been a Professor at the University of Tours since September 2008.

Specialist areas

Daniel Mirza is participating in CIREM's research on international trade, and especially trade in services. Together with the team of Giuseppe Nicoletti from the OECD, Daniel has contributed to one of the first detailed studies on bilateral trade in services in 2003, where he and his co-authors have studied the role of regulations in affecting services trade. He has published in different academic journals such as Journal of Comparative Economics, Canadian Journal of Economics, Economica and Economic Modelling.

Thomas Niebl (ZEW)



Researcher at the ICT Research Group



Specialist Areas

His main research interest is the use of ICT and productivity in the European service sector. He will contribute to WP2 Task 1 Growth accounting and macroeconomic modelling.

Iain Paterson (IHS)

Senior researcher/Consultant in the Department of Economics and Finance at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) in Vienna.

Specialist areas

His portfolio of contracted research in Europe includes recent comparative studies of the regulation of liberal professions (lawyers, accountants, architects etc.) in EU member states, and the effects of ICT on productivity in the EU and USA. He has been engaged in Azerbaijan by UNIDO (industrial restructuring), and by World Bank and Austrian Central Bank (professional services). He has research papers on efficiency measurement models, decision theory, and impact of voting rules on the effectiveness of the EU Council of Ministers and on the distribution of power between member states.

Jacques Pelkmans (CEPS)

 Director of the Economic Studies department at the (post-university) College of Europe in Bruges, and holder of the Jan Tinbergen Chair, as well as being Senior Fellow at CEPS.



Specialist areas

His main area of work at CEPS is EU regulation, including EU regulation accompanying EU cross-border liberalization and market access. Before returning to CEPS in 2009, he spent more than 6 years in the Thinktank around the Dutch Prime Minister for issues in European Integration, and was a Professor at Maastricht University for European Economic Integration.


Bettina Peters (ZEW)

Senior Researcher at the Department of Industrial Economics and International Management at the ZEW.

Specialist areas

She is particularly engaged in the conceptual development and econometric analysis of the Mannheim Innovation Panel (MIP) and the Community Innovation Surveys (CIS). Her main research interests cover the economics of innovation at the firm-level, in particular productivity and employment effects of innovation, dynamics in firm innovation behaviour and the relationship between competition and innovation.

Paulina Ramirez (BHAM)


Lecturer in International Business.



Specialist areas

Main research interests are in the areas of science, technology, innovation and international business, in particular in comparative national systems of innovation and their impact on the creation and diffusion of innovative capability. She was part of an FP4 research network looking at comparative systems of corporate governance and their impact on product innovation, has carried out research on the globalisation of research by European and US pharmaceutical multinationals and was part of an OECD sponsored network research on Innovation policy in Ireland. Her publications include articles in Research Policy and Technological Analysis & Strategic Management. Paulina will lead the case study in WP4.

Rebecca Riley (NIESR)

Research Fellow

Specialist areas
Principal Investigator for NIESR on the FP7 project, INNODRIVE. Her Research interests includes the economics of the labour market, skills, technical progress and policy evaluation of the labour market. Recent publications include papers in Labour Economics and Oxford Economic Papers. She will coordinate NIESR research in WP2 and WP3.

Ana RIncon-Aznar (NIESR)

Research Officer

Specialist areas
Her current research includes analysis of the relationship between R&D and productivity, with a particular focus on performance at the firm-level. She was a main contributor to ‘R&D and productivity: A non-parametric approach', published in Revista de Economia Aplicada, and is also co-author of ‘Productivity Performance at the Company Level', in ‘EU Productivity and Competitiveness: An Industry Perspective. Can Europe Resume the Catching-up Process?' She will contribute to WP1 on productivity and growth and to WP2 on market structure and regulation.

Matija Rojec (IER)

Professor of International Economics

Specialist areas

Research interests include FDI in transition countries, FDI spillovers, innovation, productivity and technology transfer, competitiveness indicators, state aids and company restructuring. His publications include articles in World Development, Transnational Corporations, Management International Review, Eastern European Economics, Post Communist Economies, Economic Systems, Industry and Innovation plus numerous books and chapter in books.

Felix Roth (CEPS)


Research Fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies and post-doc Fellow at the University of Göttingen.



Specialist areas

He holds a PhD in economics from University of Göttingen, Germany. Research interests include the impact of intangible and social capital on economic growth. He is currently involved in the FP7 research project INNODRIVE in which he is building up stocks of intangible capital in the EU27 at an aggregated level. Before working at CEPS he was a research fellow of the postgraduate programme at the University of Göttingen and Visiting Researcher at the London School of Economics. Publications include articles in peer reviewed journals, books and chapters in books. His specific research contribution will be on the impact of intangible capital on productivity growth.

Marianne Saam (ZEW)


Deputy Head of the Department of the ICT Research Group




Specialist areas
Her research interests include macroeconomic productivity, in particular productivity aspects of ICT. Publications are i.a. in Scandinavian Journal of Economics and Journal of Macro¬economics. Her specific research contributions will be on ICT use and productivity in the service sector and on linkages between the service and the manufacturing sector.

Wolfgang Schwarzbauer (IHS)


Specialist areas

His major academic fields of interests are Econometrics and Empirical Macroeconomics.

Tillman Schwoerer (IfW)


Researcher at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy and PhD student at Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel.



Specialist areas

Main research interest is on determinants and effects of outsourcing and foreign direct investment.  TIllman is involved in work package 4, Internationalisation of services and growth, and particularly in the task on international outsourcing (task 3).

Richard Sellner (IHS)


Specialist areas

His major academic fields of interests are Econometrics, Regional and Labour Economics.

Stanley Siebert (BHAM)


Professor of Labour Economics




Specialist areas
His main research interests are on regulation in labour markets, management input in explaining productivity across firms, job quality and work life balance. He has published papers in many journals including the Academy of Management Journal , Oxford Economic Papers , Industrial and Labor Relations Review, British Journal of Industrial Relations to name but a few and has produced a number of widely cited books. He will contribute to the work on labour market regulation.

Krzysztof Szczygielski (CASE)

Specialist areas

He received a PhD in Economics from the Warsaw School of Economics. His dissertation focuses on the problem of vertical and horizontal product differentiation in manufacturing exports. Szczygielski has been with CASE since 2001, involved in research projects on trade, competitiveness and European integration. Since 2007 he has also been with the Lazarski School of Commerce and Law in Warsaw.

Priit Vahter (BHAM)

Research Fellow at the Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham; Research Fellow at the University of Tartu, Estonia.

Specialist areas

He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Nottingham. His main topics of research are economics of innovation, international economics, determinants of firm productivity growth and knowledge transfer. His publications include papers in the World Economy, Service Industries Journal, European Journal of Development Research, Eastern European Economics and Applied Economics Quarterly. He will contribute to the research on the determinants of innovation in services.

Yvonne Wolfmayr (WIFO)


Senior Economist in the research area "industrial economics, innovation and trade".



Specialist areas

Her main research areas are international economics and trade policy, linkages between services and manufacturing as well as foreign direct investment. Her publications include: Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, North American Journal of Economics and Finance and several book chapters.

Richard Woodward (CASE)

Specialist areas

He holds an MA in economics from the Pennsylvania State University (USA) and a PhD in economics from the University of Łódź (Poland) and has been associated with the CASE Foundation since 1994. Research interests include are small business support infrastructure and local economic development.

Canan Yildirim (CASE)

Assistant Professor at Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey.

Specialist areas

She has a PhD from Lancaster University in the UK. Her research focuses on the banking sector, firm performance and corporate governance. Canan has published several papers on financial services in the new market economies.

Xiaoheng Zhang (ESRI)


Research analyst




Specialist areas

His key areas of expertise include firm growth, FDI and acquisitions, innovation and applied econometrics. He will contribute to research on the effects of international investment in services on productivity, employment and growth.


He will be working on Workpackage 4: Internationalisation of services and growth.


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Discussion Papers

These are the discussion papers produced by SERVICEGAP to date, others will be added as they become available. If you have any queries or comments, please contact the relevant author, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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Del Title Authors
n/a DP43:Innovation and the Growth of Service Firms: The Polish Case Krzysztof Szczygielski, Wojciech Grabowski and Richard Woodward
n/a DP42:Innovation and Productivity in Services:Evidence from Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom Bettina Peters, Rebecca Riley, Iulia Siedschlag, Priit Vahter and John McQuinn
n/a DP41: Determinants of Greenfield Foreign Direct Investment in Business Services Martin Falk
n/a DP40:The Influence of Technological and Non-Technological Innovation on Employment Growth in European Service Firms Bettina Peters, Rebecca Riley and Iulia Siedschlage
n/a DP39:The Contribution of Intangible Assets to Sectoral Productivity Growth - Comparing Growth Accounting and Econometric Estimation Thomas Niebel, Mary O'Mahony and Marianne Saam
n/a DP38: Determinants of Offshoring: Empirical Evidence from Ireland Gavin Murphy and Iulia Siedschlag
4.1 DP37:The performance of trading firms in the services sectors – Comparable evidence from four EU countries Jože Damijan, Stefanie A. Haller, Ville Kaitila, Mika Maliranta, Emmanuel Milet, Matija Rojec
4.1 DP36:A portrait of trading firms in the services sectors – Comparable evidence from four EU countries Stefanie A. Haller, Jože Damijan, Ville Kaitila, Črt Kostevc, Mika Maliranta, Emmanuel Milet, Daniel Mirza, Matija Rojec
n/a DP35:Age-training gaps in the European Union  (Link to external site) Fiona Carmichael and Marco Ercolani
4.1 DP34:Offshoring, Domestic Outsourcing, and Productivity: Evidence for a Number of European countries Tillman Schorer
4.1 DP33:Offshoring, Wages and Job Security of Temporary Workers  Holger Görg and Dennis Görlich
4.1 DP32: Technology sourcing or cost saving: drivers of international R&D outsourcing by French firms Liza Jabbour and L Zuniga
4.1 DP31: "Slicing the Value Chain" Internationally: Empirical Evidence on the Offshoring Strategy by French Firms Liza Jabbour
4.1 DP30:Market Access Barriers in Services: a Survey Jacques Pelkmans and Federica Mustilli
4.1 DP29:Growing lemons and cherries? Pre- and post-acqusition performance of foregn-acquired …firms in new EU member states Joze Damijan, Crt Kostevcz and Matija Rojec
4.1 DP28:Greasing the Wheels of International Commerce: How Services Facilitate Firms’ International Sourcing Peter Debaere, Holger Görg and Horst Raff
4.1 DP27:Foreign Investment and Firm Productivity: A Meta-Analysis John McQuinna and Iulia Siedschlag
4.1 DP26:International Investment and Firm Performance:Empirical Evidence from Small Open Economies Ville Kaitila, John McQuinn, Iulia Siedschlag and Xiaoheng Zhang
4.1 DP25:Foreign Investment and Firm Financial Performance Georgios Efthyvoulou and Liza Jabbour
  DP24:The Impact of New Service Products on Employment Growth: Evidence based on Linked Firm Level Data Martin Falk
3.3 DP23:Financial Constraints, Innovation Performance and Sectoral Disaggregation Georgios Efthyvoulou and Priit Vahter
2.3 DP22:Market power in CEE banking sectors and the impact of the global financial crisis Georgios Efthyvoulou and Canan Yildirim
  DP21: Offshoring and ICT – Evidence for German Manufacturing and Service Firms Fabienne Rasel
2.2 DP20:Organizational Trust, Organizational Fear and TFP Growth – A Sectoral Analysis for the EU Felix Roth
2.3 DP19: Regulation of Professional Services in EU Member States: Classification, Measurement and Evaluation Iain Paterson, Bianca Brandl, and Richard Sellner
2.3 DP18: Professional Business Services and their Role in the EU Economy: Measuring ‘Knock-on’ Effects Iain Paterson and Richard Sellner
n/a DP17: Financial Constraints and Innovation Performance: Are all firms similar? Georgios Efthyvoulou and Priit Vahter
3.1 DP16: IT Outsourcing - A Source of Innovation? - Microeconometric Evidence for Germany Irene Bertschek and Daniel Erdsiek
3.1 DP15: Internationalisation and the Innovation Activities of Service Firms Iulia Siedschlag, Neill Killeen, Donal Smith and Catriona O’Brien
n/a DP14: Productivity of ICT and Non-ICT Capital – The Role of Rates of Return and Capital Prices Thomas Niebel and Marianne Saam
n/a DP13: Complementary Tasks and the Limits to the Division of Labour Dennis Görlich
n/a DP12: Services offshoring and wages: Evidence from micro data Ingo Geishecker and Holger Görg
n/a DP11: Offshoring, tasks, and the skillwage pattern Daniel Baumgarten, Ingo
Geishecker and Holger Görg
n/a DP10: Differences in Export Behavior of Services and Manufacturing Firms in Slovenia Tanja Grublješič and Jože Damijan
2.1 DP9: The impact of service regulation on economic performance in Europe: An industry analysis Ana Rincón-Aznar and Catherine Robinson
2.1 DP8:  Export performance and increased services content in EU manufacturing Yvonne Wolfmayr
2.1 DP7: The Increasing Service Intensity of European Manufacturing Martin Falk and Fei Peng
n/a DP6: Surviving the crisis: Foreign multinationals vs domestic firms Olivier Godart, Holger Görg and Aoife Hanley


DP5: The Banking Sector and Recovery in the EU Economy

Ray Barrell


DP4:  The Impact of Financial Stress on Sectoral Productivity: A panel cointegration analysis

Georgios Efthyvoulou


DP3: Foreign acquisitions, domestic multinationals, and R&D

Roger Bandick, Holger Görg and Patrik Karpaty


DP2: Which Firms Innovate in British Manufacturing and Service Sectors?

Rebecca Riley and Catherine Robinson


DP1: Workforce Training, Intangible Investments and Productivity in Europe: Evidence from EU KLEMS and the EU LFS

Mary O'Mahony and Fei Peng



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